Created in 2011 by smart card and mobile computing experts, Anyces, pioneer of the ambient intelligence, provides industrial companies of the mobility and smart building sectors with smart objects.

Its technology AnySet™ allows a user to interact with his environment via his phone, as soon as he received the right to do so.

One essential particularity of AnySet™, apart the fact that the use of Bluetooth™ Low Energy (BLE) and Bluetoooth™ Classic (BTC) makes it compatible with 99.97% of the phones deployed around the world, is that the control of the objects do not require any programming neither an Internet connection.

Anyces, whose competences goes from electronics to Web development, including embedded programming and mobile computing, provides its customers with its expertise in security to create high added value safe products.
Thanks to its experience, Anyces commercializes access control solutions, AnyAccess and AnyPark, since 2016, for all types of companies or collectivities.



AnyAccess is a dematerialized access control simple and secured solution.

The virtual remote controls created with the management Web application define precisely the hours and dates of authorization.

They are registered by the users’ mobile application, freely available on the Application Stores.

The application then behaves as a physical remote control and grants the access to the places equipped with readers, without the need of an Internet connection.

Only the connection of 4 wires is required to install the readers, that can control any kind of opening parts driven by a dry contact.


AnyPark is an dematerialized access control subsystem that you integrate easily to your applications.

The Web service creates for you the remote controls you need for your users.

The mobile libraries allows you creating the access control applications that fit your needs with few effort.

Only the connection of 4 wires is required to install the readers, that can control any kind of opening parts driven by a dry contact.


Designed to fit the varied needs of the industrial companies in the sector of the mobility and of the building, AnySet™ technology brings intelligence to your products and allows you controlling their use.

Real electronic brain, AnySet™ module is easily integrated to any kind of objects to give them the ability to recognize their users and communicate with them, without the need of an Internet connection.

On this basis, Anyces team helps you for the design and the development of applications adapted to the new requirements of your customers. Electronics, mobile computing and Web development open a new life for your products.


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